Visiting the studio will give  you a feel for how things are created, and you’ll be able to see pieces that won’t ever be at a gallery.  

Along with many finished pieces, you’ll see presses drying plant material, work in process, and my own collection of preserved plants – also known as an herbarium. Most universities and some botanical gardens have herbaria associated with them. It’s rare an individual has one.

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There couldn’t be a better place to display local art than Justus Drugstore Restaurant in Smithville, MO. Their much acclaimed food is created from scratch with painstaking care, using local small farm producers.

While both the owners have backgrounds as chefs, Johnathan also trained as a fine artist. A few of his pieces are on display around the restaurant and are not for sale.

Justus big view 500

 The only other artwork on display there is mine. Everything on display was collected locally, even the papaya, first in the picture above, which comes from a friend’s two story solarium. Also above, left to right, is Canna, something unknown, Marjoram, and Squash.

Other pieces on display throughout are surprisingly pretty Watermelon,   Tobacco, Sage, Bamboo, Pitcher Plant, and Kale.

Below is Rumex, Watermelon and Kale (left to right).

Justus Trio

Ginkgo trees are strange and wonderful and elegant. They’re considered to be a living fossil as the oldest tree species on the planet.

These trees are long-lived, highly resistant to disease, pests, fire, and air pollution. Thriving in harsh city environments where most trees will not survive, the most common tree on Manhattan sidewalks is ginkgo.

Many health benefits have been attributed to the extracts of the Ginkgo plant – the most  well-known is the perceived ability to improve short term memory.

Ginkgo leaf

These small matted Ginkgo pieces are just under 5″ x 7.” They’re folded and stand upright.
$14 ea. plus $1.50 shipping.  I will select your card or you may shop from a selection at my studio gallery north of Parkville. Call      816-584-2625      for an appointment.

More examples of Ginkgo:

Ginkgo 1 lft

Ginkgo 2