Native Plants

There couldn’t be a better place to display local art than Justus Drugstore Restaurant in Smithville, MO. Their much acclaimed food is created from scratch with painstaking care, using local small farm producers.

While both the owners have backgrounds as chefs, Johnathan also trained as a fine artist. A few of his pieces are on display around the restaurant and are not for sale.

Justus big view 500

 The only other artwork on display there is mine. Everything on display was collected locally, even the papaya, first in the picture above, which comes from a friend’s two story solarium. Also above, left to right, is Canna, something unknown, Marjoram, and Squash.

Other pieces on display throughout are surprisingly pretty Watermelon,   Tobacco, Sage, Bamboo, Pitcher Plant, and Kale.

Below is Rumex, Watermelon and Kale (left to right).

Justus Trio


The Kansas City office  of the US Green Building Council organized a work trip  to Greensburg, KS to build two green homes in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity. In August,  2008, I went with about 30 other people on this trip.

It had been a little over a year since the devastating tornadoes of 2007 hit Greensburg. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was not emotionally prepared for what I saw.  Except for about three brand new small prefab structures, everything, everywhere had been destroyed. The trees were noticeably decimated.

I’d seen some of the episodes of Planet Green’s documentary on the rebuilding efforts of the town prior to the visit.  Those episodes showed me people struggling with serious financial problems. They show teens committed to the values of green buildings. They showed some raw emotion. But seeing the town without a cheerleader to tell me it was all going to be okay someday, was not something I was prepared for.

I collected some plant material from former home lots around the Greensburg Greentown building and made the art on this page. They’re selling some at the Greensburg office. You can also buy the ones posted here. Greensburg Greentown gets half the selling price. Call 816-584-2625 to inquire or order:

Misc Greensburg5″ x 7″ matted, folded, sendable in an envelope or free standing  $14

1 – 3.5″ x 8.25″ matted, folded, sendable and free standing $14

Leafy Leaf Greensburg8″ x 10″ Double Matted,  Leafy Leaf $45
This is the one in Laura Sterchi’s photos of the trip

Greensburg Grass8″ x 10″ Double Matted,  Leafy Leaf $28

Greensburg Single8″ x 10″ Double Matted,  Leafy Leaf $28
Collected from behind Greensburg Greentown

Greensburg Leaf8″ x 10″ Double Matted,  Leafy Leaf $28
This is the one in Laura Sterchi’s photos of the trip

Greensburg Native Leaf8″ x 10″ Double Matted,  Native Leaf $28