I love herbs, but I use them more to admire visually than to improve my food, which might be a more appropriate use of herbs.

We have some areas of wilderness in my nieghborhood that seem to be a perfect growing environment for a kind of wild onion. They grow and change quickly – beautiful to watch.

Savory and Wild OnionWild Onion on the right
Both are 5″ x 7″  and are sendable ($14)
Reclaimed wood frames ($12)

Three HerbsL to R: Lemon Grass, Savory, Oregano
all 5″ x 7″ Sendable ($14 ea.)

framed-oregano3Framed Oregano
12″ x 12″ ($75)

Framed TamarindFramed Tamarind
12″ x 12″ ($75)